Woodie forex

Can any body tell me if it is possible to draw more than 2 in MLQ2 ? About the 5 colored lines, I believe I read that the MT4 woodie forex are adding this feature in MQL4 soon.

These lines are referred to as “levels”. Someone should work on an EA that recognizes Woodie’s setups and formations and then alerts or places orders accordingly. Sorry I couldn’t make any suggestions to help you with MQL2. I do need those indicators in a separate window than the price window i.

Is it posible to put several indicators onto the same window but not in the price window? MA is rising above the slow MA. Why is this being made so difficult? MT4 allows you to place multpile indicators on the same window instead of seperate windows. Just add cci14 to the chart and then drag another cci indicator on to the previous cci window you just added and set it to cci6. Coding the indicator is not the “problem”.

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