Ultimas noticias sobre finanzas forex 2013

YPY brand in the field of algorithmic trading for their own needs, as ultimas noticias sobre finanzas forex 2013 as on the implementation of corporate clients objectives. 10 thousand to a million US dollars for trading.

10 thousand US dollars for trading. YPY high-tech trading system that, as a rule, uses a large number of different strategies for trading on a virtual level. In the heart of any trading algorithms we use, we always use only viable strategies that ensure a confident and stable trade during future periods. We declare open testing of this new YPY auto trading system free of charge for anyone.

As a rule, several thousand users use it for several months. This allows us to quickly find and fix bugs and significantly improve the stability and efficiency of trading. Usually this stage takes about 3-12 months. YPY trading system on the market. PRO and ELITE versions are paid, while the ELITE version is created specifically for the management of large assets and has expanded functionality. We set the minimum cost of rent for the PRO version for the first time. A user can try free Basic version having the same functionality to get the idea of the product.