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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. There is currently no data for Rare Earth Minerals. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. As I said, REM was mentioned on Twit about 5p. Zest plc was a shell and it was taken over and renamed REM. Over in Canada at the time, it was difficult to raise funding for mining. The Founder of REM was approached and he went out there to inspect Sonora Lithium in Mexico belonging to Bacanora, Canadian listed.

That was how REM entered into Sonora. Looking at the size of the licence and the almost continguos mineralisation that had a more surface expression, it was not hard for investors like Phalen to figure out that the lithium at Sonora was huge. Others said that all that was needed was scooping and trucking to the mill. Added to that was the fact that Sonora was close enough to the USA. Indeed, subsequent drilling and technical reports have now proven that Sonora has 300 yrs of supply of lithium and that if in production, it will be No4 after the big 3 in lithium.

Investors also figured out at the time, that REM would takeover BCN. Indeed, it did happen and REM offered 88. So, I was looking at how the projection of 5p came about? 53 million with shares in issue at 134m. I looked at some of the industry lithium benchmark examples that is in the news eg Nemaska and Lithium Americas. On the other hand, Lithium Americas has obtained funding from their Chinese partner, Ganfeng.

300m for Lithium Americas that has just started work. No doubt, REM would have to prepare documentation if the takeover were to proceed under the Takeover Rules. History appears to show that 88. So, that appears to be the “good news” investors were talking about. REM parties so I have no knowledge of that. This looks at what happened then and what the market is attributing to lithium projects currently.

So, this ends the topic of REM and the question etc put to me on Twit about REM. I think I’ll dig out an Enigma engine and squirt some three in one oil over it to see if I can find the link? PICASSO lithium asset is NEAR the high profile Bald Hill Lithium mine, Western Australia, maybe the Proactive Investors Australia interview with their CEO may offer arm-chair insights? Note: It is on open file and free to read as it comes up on search.

We now RANK as the 2ND most attractive JURISDICTION in the W O R L D for mining. REM acquired 3 Australian lithium assets include PICASSO, NEAR High Profile Bald Hill Lithium mine, WESTERN AUSTRALIA. So, Picasso appears to be in a No2 world mining ranked jurisdiction. Australia – One of the LARGEST producers of lithium accounting for nearly HALF of WORLD SUPPLY. 2017-2024, demand for the rare metal BOOMING.