Talltim bitcoin

The actual rules are fairly talltim bitcoin from what I understand, but from what my friend who works for a local council has said in the past, you basically have to be seen to be providing “value for money”. And if you have two bids, one a fair bit less than the other, well you wouldn’t get much of a prize for guessing which one would win!

This whole having to tender for bids is a joke from what my friend has said anyway and usually wastes more time and money than what it is actually worth. That is probably more than I am allowed to know let alone say, but lets say it isn’t surprising the situation some councils have found themselves in. I remember when I worked at a Local Authority for a while I had to tender for a print run of leaflets. I had to go out to at least three different suppliers.

Carillion was born out of Tarmac. Back in the 1980s the company where my wife worked as a P. I spent a lot of time requesting and chasing quotes from my suppliers! Cost isnt the only scoring factor. She felt her company had a lucky escape! Carillion the construction company – preventing further takeover attempts.