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Sikri forex karol bagh pin

Only exchange currency to meet immediate needs! Once you step out of the airport building, you may not be allowed back in to exchange foreign currency. There are currency exchange counters before the customs and after the customs area in the arrival section of the Delhi airport, Terminal 3. Before customs, there are 2 currency exchange counters: Thomas Cook and Central Bank of India, both of which are open sikri forex karol bagh pin hours.

You should be able to exchange currency at either counter for similar rates. Location of Currency Exchanges – Image : newdelhiairport. Currency exchange outlets are found in tourist, market and commercial areas. They offer better exchange rates than the airport, and may or may not charge a commission. Govt or Reserve Bank of India approved money changers will have a sign proclaiming Authorized Foreign Currency Exchange.

You can usually make out the genuine ones from the street corner people or ask for the Encashment certificate if you want to be sure. One of the simplest and scam free way is to use the ATM to withdraw money. However, sometimes banks may charge a transaction fee for every withdrawal, in which case it is best for you to withdraw larger sums so the transaction fee is spread on a larger amount. Indian ATM machines, you insert your card and then take it out immediately, unlike in some countries where you leave your card in when using an ATM. You will then be asked to enter your pin and carry on with your transaction.

Many local Indian banks branches will also change your currency at a fair rate if you have time for the paperwork. HDFC Bank, provides Forex services through select Post Offices across India. Do not purchase foreign currency from local residents offering you a better rate. Fake foreign currency is not uncommon in tourist areas. Buying foreign currency from unauthorized places is also illegal. Do not fall victim to people trying to entice you by saying they will give you a better exchange rate than what the banks may offer you. Q: How do I know if I am getting a good exchange rate?

First check the rate on XE. Spread is the difference between what they pay to buy a unit of currency and what they sell that unit of currency for. A bigger spread means they are looking to make more money on the transactions vs. Buy and Sell is the smallest amount. If you request for a receipt, some centers offer 0. 4 rupees less than the exchange rate for the transaction. Currency exchange receipts should clearly show the amount of foreign currency exchanged for Indian currency and the rate of exchange you were given so you can reconvert your left over Indian currency back to foreign currency at the airport where you fly out from.