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Sid weymann forex review

I’m in sid weymann forex review hotel room, completing the bulletin while the others are having a drink before eating. I don’t mind doing the bulletin while I’m away, I know many of you like to check on what the week was like and compare your trading against others – so I’m happy to being my computer and set it up etc etc.

I get out of sorts when I don’t get roundups which would encourage others. I have to tell you that I really do expect everyone who trades to send in a roundup. Description: I set up early for the open as life has got in the way for a while now. Movement is looking good now but I’m closing down as I have no desire to risk giving pips back to the market. J shot down 20 pips in the last minute of the 1st candle before bouncing back up. I entered on the next candle as the good move continued up after a slight retrace.

Euro charts began to move together down. EJ for a quick pip trade out soon as hesitated. J but was out as it stalled. Description: Currency took off with big spread so waited for spread to settle and caught a push upwards after a few retraces with good movement correlating across all charts. I waited around to see if correlation and VM would take place again but it did not while I was looking. Description: Have to submit this, feeling gutted. Movement on the PA was jumpy until 1:35 when the price dropped rapidly almost to where is began at PA.

Entered on all three sell trades too late and the price jumped back up for these huge negatives. Fourth buy trade at 1:42 price began to pick-up gm and correlation with all four currencies. Description: When the announcement started at 13:30 p. At 13:34 the spread was normal and there was movement and took a Sell trade and exit right away with -1. Announcement: CAD x 3 Employment change Etc.