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Rexor forex market

This week ALL trade history was suddenly deleted from the account without warning. I looked through my mail for the rexor forex market confirmations and realised they’d stopped a week ago – should’ve been an alarm bell.

Invite them to come to this thread and offer an explanation. How did you know that broker? More details about this broker would be appreciated. I did invite them and have heard nothing. 7 – they just told me contact Compliance for assistance with my case. Compliance have not responded since Thursday.

I know the broker because I have funds there and have been trading there for 3 months. I found them online and now feel rather stupid in realising that they’re a complete scam operation. How and when did you deposit? I don’t see who their regulation is. Does anyone know who is their regulator? Is Rexor Investment a broker or service provider company? Their business address is in N.