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Questrade forex margin requirement

Margin requirements The margin requirement questrade forex margin requirement the minimum amount of maintenance excess you must have in your account in order to enter a position. It is commonly expressed as a percent of the current market value. Certain securities may have a margin requirement higher than listed below based on an assessment of the stock by Questrade.

Over the counter stocks are generally not eligible for margin. Most major US stocks with listed options are eligible for reduced margin as well. Questrade reserves the right to margin certain securities it deems risky at higher rates than listed above. Questrade has four approval levels for option trading that require different minimum balances in your account before placing your trade. The option strategies for each option level can be found below.

How to change your option level: log in to Questrade, under the ACCOUNTS tab select ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT. Choose the Account number and select Change beside Option level. To place a Canadian multi-leg option order that includes a stock leg, or more than two option legs, please contact the trade desk at 1. The trade desk is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a. The normal margin required on the underlying security. The out-of-the-money amount of the call option, plus the market value of the call option, minus any in-the-money amount of the call option. The out-of-the-money amount of the put option, plus the market value of the put option, minus any in-the-money amount of the put option.