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Pyc bitcoin miner

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Disclaimer The exchange rates on this site are for information purposes only. They are not guaranteed to be accurate, and are subject to change without notice. Conversation You can use the Facebook comment section for Share your thoughts. A new ransomware strain named Bad Rabbit is wreaking havoc in many Eastern European countries, affecting both government agencies and private businesses alike.

At the time of writing, the ransomware has hit countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Turkey. In a later report published by Kaspersky, the company telemetry data revealed “the ransomware spread via a drive-by attack,” and “victims are redirected to from legitimate news websites. Once Bad Rabbit has done its job, it reboots the user’s PC, which gets stuck into the custom MBR ransom note. October 24, 2017 Based on the ransom note, the ransomware asks victims to access a site on the Tor network and make a payment of 0.

Victims have just over 40 hours to pay until the ransom fee goes up. The Bad Rabbit source code also contains various Game of Thrones references to characters like Grayworm. In addition, the ransomware also sets up three scheduled tasks named Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, the name of the three dragons from Game of Thrones. This is not the first ransomware that comes with Game of Thrones references. Bad Rabbit Technical Info While full analysis of the ransomware is underway, this is what we currently know about Bad Rabbit. As already stated, Bad Rabbit is currently targeting Russian and Eastern European victims through web sites that have been hacked to display fake Adobe Flash update notices. When a user clicks on these notices, a file called install_flash_player.

Windows service called Windows Client Side Caching DDriver that is used to launch the cscc. This scheduled task is called Rhaegal, after one of the dragons from the Game of Thrones series. These files will be encrypted with what appears to be AES encryption. The AES encryption key used to encrypt the files will then be encrypted with an embedded RSA-2048 public key. When Bad Rabbit encrypts files, unlike most other ransomware, it will not append a new extension to the encrypted file’s name.

It will though, append the file marker string “encrypted” to end of every encrypted file as shown below. It does this by trying to access network shares over SMB through credentials stolen from the victim’s computer or by trying a list of included user names and passwords. If it is able to gain access to a remote network share, it will copy itself over and execute the ransomware on the other computer. You can see examples of the SMB traffic below.