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Poznan university of economics master forex

State School of Mechanical Engineering which was established poznan university of economics master forex 1919. Currently, it is one of the leading technical universities in Poland which has become one of the most recognized landmarks of the region and even the whole country.

To a large extent this was possible due to the renowned pragmatism and reliability of the people of Poznan. The autonomous state institution consisting of ten faculties providing didactics for about 21 thousand students. PUT offers Bachelor, Master and Doctorate courses in Polish and English. Moreover there are postgraduate courses and workshops for people interested in updating their technical knowledge.

12 hundred academic staff members do research and run educational tasks. European Credit Transfer System – ECTS is implemented. To work and study at such a prestigious university as PUT, one has to effectively combine conceptual impetus, the pragmatism of an engineer, as well as interpersonal skills. We do not retreat from the world: technological development is accompanied by the greatest respect for human beings, protection of the natural environment and sustainable economic development.

PUT plays an important role in international scientific life: we take an active part in scientific exchange and international projects and cooperate with many companies and research institutions both in Poland and abroad. The tempo of economic life demands continuous education and adaptation to the realities of the global market. For this reason, the university combines the development of the latest scientific disciplines with the transfer of this knowledge and technology into the practical dimension. Contacts with numerous business partners are an essential part of university life. Work and Study in Poland learn English and get your Student Visa to Poland in Europe. Studying in Poland is the biggest adventure of my life! I wanted to study in Europe but I didn’t know which country to pick.