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Long short strategy forex scalping

2 Long short strategy forex scalping System description Named for the combination of indicators used to determine tops and bottoms for placing entry orders and exit strategy to maximize profit. Trend, Emotion, Sentiment, and Extreme and each one reinforces the other. Snake-Eye Scalping System description This method applies the same techniques used by the professional Floor Traders and is based around what a 5 minute bar is indicating at any given time. Forex Strategy Scalp Modification designed for scalping on all currency pairs and is a very simple and intuitive to use.

Scalp Modification designed for all currency pairs on timeframes M1 and M5. Trading System description Dear Frustrated Trader, Forex is dead! You’re not making the pips you want in Forex, are you? Pips Winner Indicator description Dear Trader, Have you had enough of useless systems, indicators, and robots?

PIPS WINNER Indicator is a proven forex indicator tested for over 5 years. It’s very simple to use and it produces amazing profits everyday. Forex Secret Protocol description The new trading system Forex Secret Protocol v2 consists of 11 indicators and is designed to trade on the timeframe M5 or higher. Fx Foreign Exchange Trading System description Fx Foreign Exchange Trading System is swing trading system trend following it’s based from two indicators in the same window Rsioma and QQE. RSIOMA is an indicator of force of markets that derive from RSI, QQE is an trend indicator. Who’s online There are currently 6 users online.

Submitted by User on December 5, 2010 – 07:24. This strategy is for scalping and for long term How? 1: Open two stop order with 0. 100points against the triggered orderbut your lot should be 0.

3: If it goes against you and triggers the 0. 04 lot one than again open a pending order with 0. 50 lot for 100 usd so I can repeat this 13 times and at the end I only lost 8-10 usd it is not bad. 6: risk reward ratio is not defined. You can let a trade go to reach 1000 point or just get the 2 usd. 7: It is a bad system at the past because spreads were very high. I just started that strategy lets try together.