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Jutawan forex sabah shoes

CPO ended higher yesterday with significant volume at 2519 lvl. It shown that CPO may continue it bullish tone onwards. 2500, the bullish tone may jutawan forex sabah shoes exist. Major trend still in upside biased.

I’m expecting CPO may test 2520-2560 today. CPO ended higher yesterday at 2457 with high volume traded. 2460 and bullish tone may develop. However major trend still in upside biased. CPO ended lower yesterday at 2424 lvl, the lowest after 1 week trading.

2455 the bullish tone still exist. 2420 the CPO may tend to downside bias. I’m expecting the CPO to test 2420-2450 lvl. Malaysia’s palm oil exports during the July 1-20 period fell 4. It estimated exports at 914,649 tons for the same period in June. Intertek Agri Services, another surveyor, estimated July 1-20 exports at 879,018 tons earlier in the day. 870,604 914,849 Major importers of Malaysian palm oil: European Union 112,311 158,620 China 121,636 310,740 U.

Palm oil product volumes don’t add up to total as some products aren’t included. 879,018 metric tons, cargo surveyor Intertek Agri Services said Tuesday. Intertek estimated exports at 906,321 tons during the June 1-20 period. CPO ended higher today with moderate volume traded.

Intertek tomorrow may limit the upside bias. I’m expecting CPO may test 2440-2460 lvl tomorrow, but if can break 2465 the bullish rally may exist. Overall trend still in upside bias. I would like to share my breakout point chart that i have took long position. Hope this is another my excellent achievement if CPO brakes 2480.