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R for accurate entry and exit. I guess, you should not focus to find the most accurate robot or EA, because you will never get jebat forex. It will become such a never ending story.

If robot really works, why financial institution and bank, still hiring people to trade bank’s money, and not robot ? To become a succesfull trader, you should learn by yourself. Most of the larger financial institutions trade algorithmically. Most of the volume on many exchanges these days is placed and managed by robots.

You have to remeber that there’s so much profit to be made just by filling cutomers orders, that banks can use practically anyone to open close those trades ! Anyone whose smart will be looking at automation, discretionary trading really is not a sensible option at all. Im newbies in forex but im study forex market almost 2 month hik hik hik. You should go for robots provided by top forex brokers. In such cases accuracy may be more.

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If want to closed trade also i have same experience. Is there any suggestion what should i do to min. 10point after resistance or support point base on daily or 4h candlestick only,i think you know about support and resistance base on candlestick rite. From this on i will put my profit target when i put my order.