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David Hick and Gfx group forex Management Trading Ltd: This website is dedicated to the interest of public information and education. David Hick, and the information comes to us via a reliable source. If you have come to us by Googling CRDC, we therefore urge you to avoid doing any business at all with this company. It is another scam and you will be parted from your money if you go down this route.

Anyway, importantly, it is hoped the information offered here can help guide decisions relating to any investment opportunities coming from Mr. Hick or his company, which also has a telephone answering service in Zurich. Lucky if you get a call back, though, these days! But whatever your experiences are, we invite you to contact us if you would like to share information for the benefit of others, whether your experience is good or bad. We should mention though, we do require that anything published on this site is confined to verifiable fact or reasonably held opinion. At this stage, now Feb 2015, it must be said there is no good news emerging at all.

BVI, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. We are now pretty sure Hick is the same person parading as John Warner, but would like to know beyond doubt. Warner and is he the same person you see in the picture above? Hick is still lying low in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Can anyone give us more precise information? Matthew Hale worked with Hick in the early days and was a close buddy, we know this much. His name has come up with a number of folks both in our group and from others who have contacted us.

Recent History and Latest News 23 Nov. In general, it is still the case that no-one connected with this website has heard from David Hick, and many contacting us have the same problem, so we are confused as to why GFX is still being advertised. We believe that Hick is avoiding us, owing us as he does, very large sums of money. But simultaneously, it appears that Mr. For those interested, here is the link: GFXSignals. GFX Signals give the same trades in real time as those traded within the managed forex accounts of GFX.

In particular, it’s of note that some clients have never heard of David Hick, but speak of John Warner and Matthew Hale. This was a final demand for payment which again has been ignored, leaving the group no option but to take the issues of non-payment by GFX to the FCA. Whatever the route you may have taken to reach this website, whether you are in touch with Hick or Warner, we hope sincerely that before making any investment decisions, you will look over the information we offer here. As time passes, we hear from more and more people who have invested in GFX and who now are realising they have lost everything. GFX could fabricate losses and therefore reduce the level of client funds properly belonging to investors. As one person said, who has many years’ experience of Hick, once a person moves from trying to run a legitimate business across to defrauding his clients, it’s a dark place to be and incredibly hard to get back from. At this stage, we can only report that many people have come forward with similar stories concerning GFX.