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Formacja spodka forex charts

In technical analysis, forex recognition of different patterns is defined as the process by formacja spodka forex charts traders «recognize current events, while identifying certain predictable pricing model. Although the patterns forex rarely repeated on the same level of trade or in the same time intervals, but still there are patterns that repeat themselves in certain ways and certain sequences. Ability to recognize such patterns and trade according to certain rules on the data chart patterns can help you become a successful trader forex. In this case, the successful recognition of graphical models and trading on it shall consist of an initial reference point and the basic rules of the trading methodology.

Accordingly, the inverted pattern of «dragons» are similar to the pattern of M, or «Double Top». Dragons» is very often appear on the market about the market bottoms. In forming the pattern, we can draw a trend line from the «dragon head» to his «hump». 2-m forex confirmation of this pattern is closing prices above the level of the resulting «hump», which represents the maximum oscillation between the two resulting «legs dragon. F — The first profit target — 1. G — The second profit target — 0,886 — 1. H — The third goal of profit — 1.