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Forex trading strategies 2014 super

Trading within the range of volatility has always attracted traders, because most often simple tools are the most profitable. Super Signals Channel indicator is another version of the construction of forex trading strategies 2014 super price channel, giving the signals of sufficiently high accuracy on any instruments and time periods. The idea of working within the price channel is quite elaborated in different versions of famous Bollinger bands. Method of trading is on the rebound from the channel boundaries.

The recommended entry points into the long and short positions appearing in the dynamics are indicated by arrows of the corresponding color and direction. The Super Signals Channel indicator is based on the standard zigzag without any additional calculations, i. Bollinger methodology, but by extreme values. Offset or other additional parameters do not apply, i. In the shell of the terminal in the “Navigator” window, select “Custom indicators”, search for Super Signals Channel and drag it to the price chart. 500, you can set it bigger in order to cut the price noise and draw the price level further.

Important: trading on price levels of the indicator is much more reliable than by its signal arrows! The Super Signals Channel indicator can be successfully used during the installation of stop-loss for transactions open by any other system. 5-10 points above the channel line. If an arrow for entry appears for all or at least several periods, you can securely open in the direction of the price movement. Important: when trading intraday with the indicator, setting stops is a must! The indicator builds the price levels fairly accurately, thus allowing to use it for work with options. The only disadvantage, the most important and very serious one of this indicator, is that it eventually redraws.