Forex short squeeze ranking

We offer precise trading recommendations based on proven and forex short squeeze ranking facts. Each of those recommendations is highly uncorrelated to each other and can be therefore used to build a highly diversified and efficient portfolio. Success, Guidance and Sustainability through cutting-edge research. Healthy Consolidation or Start of a Major Pullback?

Not surprisingly, the short-term oriented uptrend of the market remains quite unchanged compared to last week. P 500 is still trading 38 points above the bearish threshold from the Trend Trader Index. P 500 does not drop below . It is published every Sunday and includes precise trading recommendations for three different time frames.

Since its first publication, it has constantly produced superior returns. The main reason behind the success of the Technical Market Forecast is based on the fact that it continuously exploits the typical market inefficiency of a cap-weighted index. P 500 is extremely concentrated and therefore tremendously flawed. Hence, holdings with higher market capitalizations have a greater impact on the value of the index than do companies with smaller market caps. Every Sunday, our research team is publishing a highly profitable Technical Market Outlook that provides our members with top-notch buy and sell recommendations. It is based on a sound and transparent investment process and therefore our members are soon able to understand underlying drivers of our weekly market research.

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