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Forex profitable system

WELCOME TO MY OWN SIMPLE SYSTEM WITH 1 CUSTOM INDICATOR WHICH I CALL WINNER. ASK YOURSELF: how many different trading systems, strategies and indicators do you need? After 5 years of trading i can tell you, you forex profitable system just profitable on the higher Timeframes like H1 ect. And now look for the cross from the winner indicator.

I am really not more willing to babysit on every buyer, when you want to make money on forex, you also use your brain. Stop Loss, also it lies in your hand. Its from pair to pair different and i am not willing to check every pair. H4 chart for the direction, look at the stoch, is there more room for you to trade. 50 pips when you look on the H1 chart. Don`t worry about missing out on an opportunity to trade. There will always be another good one just around the corner.