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Forex profit matrix indicator

I came across this unbiased Guy Cohen’s flag forex profit matrix indicator review article from goarticles. Guy Cohen’s stock trading course package using bull flag and bear flag chart patterns.

I agree with most of these reviews, but not sure about the 10 cds as there are only 8. Read through the following flag traders review and make your decision on Guy Cohen’s flag traders course and flag traders system . If you can’t wait, you can click here to go straight to Guy Cohen’s flag patterns trading course. My name is Alan Hill and after many of my financial investment clients have contacted me to ask my opinion of some of the courses available, so, I decided to have a look at some of them and this is the start of this process. Having made a lot of money in the area of financial trading over the years, I have built up a loyal following of people.

Now, I have been pursuaded to look at some of the best systems on offer in the market and to actually trade with them and give my views about what I think. This is the first system that I have tried – it is what is reported by others to be the best system in the market – it is Guy Cohen’s Flag Trading System. I will pull no punches – I have reviewed this honestly and so you can make your own mind up given my trading with his system. If you just want to go directly to his site, you can find him by visiting. However, before you go there, read about my experiences in trading this system and see what you think. After his considerable success with his Illuminati Trading system, Guy Cohen was asked by some of his delighted students if he could make the system quicker and easier to learn whilst still making the huge profits that the system had been making. After a hectic and exhaustive production and testing phase – the new system was labelled as ‘ready’ and as an experienced trader of long standing, I was asked if I would test the system.

I agreed to do so but only if I were allowed to test it with no censure of my comments. This was agreed and so here I am. The product arrived – what had I let myself in for? I have to say that as I was reviewing this product at the outset – I was a little surprised at reading in Guy’s sales letter on his site that he was making thousands each month by just tapping a few computer keys for 20 minutes each day. If the latter was the case, then thousands might be the cost of a loaf of bread. This said, I acknowledged that I was being a little picky here. I must confess that having spent years studying trading in all kinds of markets, I was sceptical about whether or not a course of this type could possibly teach a complete novice how to trade in less than a month, which is what was claimed by Mr Cohen.

When the course arrived I unpacked the 10 CD’s and the software and I flipped through the instructions – phew! Did Guy’s sales letter say ‘Easy’? DVD files so you get to see him doing his stuff rather than reading about it. So who is Guy Cohen anyway? Well Guy has been making money for his clients for over 20 years and some of these clients are huge corporate financial companies and household names and they form an impressive list.

He has taught students all over the world and for the last 12 years he has made his income full time by trading himself in all areas including commodities, options, futures, currencies and equities. US, Europe and the Far East. Try as I did to find some holes in his credentials, I simply could not. This is a guy with an impressive track record and whilst I usually refrain from using the word ‘Guru’, I would be happy to allow myself to use this term in Guy’s case. I already knew about Guy’s prowess on the UK and US commodities and forex markets and he is indeed legendary, but other than having read a few notes that he wrote a couple of years ago, along with a book or two that he had written, I had not actually worked with him until now. Guy has written several best-selling trading books and these are serious investment works that are considered essential reading on Wall Street and in MBA programs throughout the world.

They’ve even been translated into several languages including Mandarin and Indonesian! So, I came to the conclusion that Guy knows a thing or two about trading. Before I get into the main meat of my review let me just briefly cover what I think is a particularly strong aspect of this new product. Over the years I have had some great successes.