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Forex price projection

Download Reversal Dashboard Indicator Scans All Pairs For The Greatest-Probability REVERSAL! Download Harmonic Dashboard Forex Indicator Scans ALL Currency Pairs For Powerful Harmonic Patterns! Download Forex price projection Focus Indicator Beats Moving Average By A Long Mile! Chart Projection started as a simple small indicator that used zigzag to project 2 levels the price was probably going to reach.

Want to earn in the Market? Whenever “POI” is mentioned, it refers to a Chart High or Chart Low price level. Chart Projection is now equipped with 3 Optics Algorithms, for Low, Mid and High range scanning of a pairs price action. Data from each Optic is gathered continuously as price develops and produces optimized estimates for how price behaves when specific POI’s emerge. When a POI is detected, a matching process takes place which tries to find the most similar set of optimized data that fits price behavior around that POI. For example, a Second Higher High is detected on the chart.

It will be matched with all recent behavioral data for Second Higher Highs, and a forecast with 2 price moves will be produced. Seven additional projection methods including the original one. Display of support and resistance zones. Lows and their place within the overall trend. Lightweight Currency Strength index, with separate display window. Trend monitoring and current asset move identification. Capture Scale – The greater the value the wider the distance between Highs and Lows captured is going to be.

Minimum value should be 1, the maximum around 6. Move Legs Drawn Bars Limit – CP Draws Move legs. For not stressing the terminal enter the bar after which drawing is enabled. Projection Method – Select which method is going to be used for the Chart Projection.

Simple – Averaging up moves and down moves. Simple Specific – Averaging up and down moves that have the same place in the trend. Flexible Specific – Averaging based on ratio to the encompassing trend. Lows relevant to the encompassing trend. Complex – All of the above combined. Resistance levels that will likely hold.

Exact calculation as the first version, with no repaints. Enable animation of the Chart Projection. Currency Strength Period – Averaging Period for Currency Strength Indexes. Currency Averaging Method – Averaging Method for Currency Strength Indexes. Minimum Bars Required in all strength calculation pairs. CS Plot Method – Select the output method of the Currency Strength Index.

CS Calc Type – Select Currency Strength Index calculation approach. Simple – Range of Pairs is calculated once on initialization. Deep – Range of Pairs is calculated every time before the strength is summed up. Default Open Chart – Select which extra chart should be visible first when the overlay chart is active. Renko Chart Initial Calculation – For the extra Renko chart, select the initial calculation method.