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Forex junkie myfxbook comcast

I’ll like to analyze the method through understanding the average stop loss size and entry times or hour of day. Is there a pdf of guidebook as introduction for late comers? Does anyone know which post or which “page” has a rough summary for people like me who is unable to sift through the entire thread, but want to catch up on the conversations? SP wants to post live trade here but wants to accumulate more trades before exposing, and I suggest him to forex junkie myfxbook comcast past trade performance, but he seems not interested.

EA finished the week up 6. I will not have much time to make any changes due to Easter and having to work all week, but hope to have a few changes made to the EA around Wednesday or Thursday. I will check your posts since you’ve asked before me the same questions. Hopefully I can catch up from your leads. Just read the whole thread if you are really interested. If you had read through the thread as well you would know the answers to your questions.

Stop posting in here questioning and expecting answers from people who have already clearly put in alot of effort to help others. I haven’t asked again in this post. I’ve just responsed to another one who has similar query to prevent immediate repetition. Please don’t ruin this thread because of your misunderstanding. Many thanks Seneca for sharing your experience in such a nice way. 5 Days average ATR in Pips. Having the discipline to trade has nothing to do with wasting precious time sifting through entire threads reading unrelated posts from idiots like you.

If I’m not interested I wouldn’t be here asking questions. Please don’t ruin a perfectly good thread with your stupidity. Get down off your high horse and shut up if you don’t know the answers. 007 has the same queries as mine so I am getting his help to find a summary to this system so I can catch up.

007, I will ask you in private message. I understand your reasons for asking this question. I too prefer methods which outline specific rules and all you have to do is follow the dots. My opinion is, this is not one of those methods. Possibly Can be important on any given day. Some of SP’s posts read differently, for me, on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th reading. It’s likely that this thread cannot be synopsized in order to create a “Dummies Guide”.