Forex farm paroll news results

US Non-Farm payroll is one forex farm paroll news results the best reports to trade although sometimes even this report may not perform as great as expected. It’s best to analyze charts from our economic calendar page where you can find 1 second candles on many currency pairs and other instruments such as Gold or Dow Mini or Nasdaq Mini or even oil.

50 triggers due to Texas flood that now dominates the news. Last month much smaller deviation caused a great price action but such price action may or may not happen this time so I would stay with a bit more conservative triggers this month. 40 triggers but again, I would consider it quite risky to trade. JPY should go down by about 30 pips or more. JPY should go up by about 30 pips or better. Based on 82 estimates, median estimate is 180K and the average estimate is 181K. Values in the breakdown have been rounded to the nearest 5K so it’s easier to read and analyze.

As always, there is a possibility of a severe conflict with the Revision number or Unemployment rate. Please remember that a deviation of 0. A positive deviation of unemployment rate is bad for USD because it means higher unemployment. However, a positive deviation on the employment change or revision is good for USD because it means more people got new jobs.