Forex dominion system

There I forex dominion system you A LOT of robots by free and full version only. And the most important is, each time there are new robots or a new version, then I will upload there.

Neuro Shell Day Trader Pro v5. EA Banking FX Ultra Euro USD v2. Huge Collection Of Forex EA-Robots 2009. Pls send it to mail vasu. The link doen’t work because it was invented to direct you to advertisements. He will not send you a link leading to thousands of EAs for free. His offer is not for real.

Dear friend, there is nothing in your zip files, and your www is not working as well. Can you please send the EAs to me . This offer was never for real. When the link did work it would only take you to advertising sites. The OP has been banned and was never really giving away anything–just spamming.