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Forex boomerrang

Exponential Moving Average — Exponential Moving Average of period 18. This forex strategy is based on a combination of traditional Forex strategy on the breakdown forex boomerrang the elements of Martingale. This system was developed over polutara years, long modified, as well as modify its components.

Ie: those who like to sit all day behind the monitor, be able to trade on it throughout the day. But those who do not like to be a long time before the screen monitors would be able at any moment to close the bargain, and when they return to the computer in his spare time, will have the opportunity to open a new trading position. I think you will find this a useful way to trade. Microsoft Office Excel — a table attached to the end of this strategy. All pricing schedule is designed to more closely examine trade deals already, after they were concluded.

We also can fully replace the hour schedule, the schedule of any lower than the 4-hour time slot. The price must be higher than the EMA on a 4-hour price chart. The price must be higher than the median prices of the previous 4-hour bar in the chart. Determining the size of a trading position, take-profit, safety stop-loss on forex strategy «Boomerang.

Assume that we have matched all of the major criteria for opening a trading position on a purchase. The current price for a 4-hour bar 1. Then in the windows of the book values will be for your profit and stop-loss. So, you open the first bargain price 1. The first profit target at 1. 9946, and a safety stop-loss order at 1.

If this deal zaklyta on foot, then your new deal will be «short» — up for sale, its price is 1. 9916, and a safety stop-loss 1. The aim of the strategy is that by opening one of the trading positions in a series of transactions, to catch a break and enter into a profitable bargain. Pay attention to the fact that the take-profit is growing with each new otkryvatoy deal. There is a method that allows you to increase profits, if you catch a strong trend towards open your trading positions. Once your income for an open position has reached its goal of 10 pips, you can place a trailing stop at 5 pips, the size of the transaction is determined at the same time your acceptable risk.

2 lots — on a trailing stop 10 points, 2 lots — at the Trailing Stop — 15 pips, 1 lot on a trailing stop — 20-25 pips. But do not worry if you failed to catch a strong trend. Your next entry in the market will already be in the next 4-hour candle. You can either close a trading position at the end of the trading day, or wait for the next trading signal for the 4-hour candle.

Price should be under the EMA on a 4-hour price chart. Price must be below the median prices of the previous 4-hour bar in the chart. If the previous transaction for the purchase was closed by a foot. Determining the size of a trading position, profit, stop loss be carried out as described above, to open «position to buy.

On the price chart shows examples of discovery is only the first transaction «short» and «long». Let us imagine that the bar had not yet fully formed, but only opened. Circled bar — this is nothing but a bar opening trade deal, while the bar, labeled by the Fibonacci — this is the bar, for which we determine the median value. After the bar was opened at a price of 1. 9672, when we open a long trading position, we are introducing these data into a table excel.

Thus, our profit target is at 1. Place trade orders and look what happened. For observation, we will use a chart of smaller trading period. We have opened a bargain price 1. The price has gone up, so a safety stop-loss order has not been activated.