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The Authority’ on Price Fakeouts forex Trading. In 2016, Nial won the Million Dollar Trader Competition. Hopefully this article gives you some insight into why day trading is typically a highway to disaster for most traders.

The reality of a day-trader is a guy who got 2 hours of sleep last night because he was trying to trade the overnight session, now he’s up at 6am trying to day-trade the next session. Top down approach As a trading educator, it makes me HATE day-trading even more when I think about all the trading websites out there promoting it and how a lot of them are geared towards beginner traders, not to mention how heavily day-trading and scalping are discussed in almost every public trading discussion forum on the internet. Another reason why I hate day-trading is that there’s definitely a financial incentive for brokers to get people to trade more frequently. It’s very simple, more trades equals more money from spreads or commissions and that equals more money for the broker.

So, there’s an underlying bias by many brokers and the greater Forex industry to get traders hooked on trading as frequently as possible. Stop-hunters love day-traders Day traders naturally have stop losses closer to the market price since they are typically trading intra-day charts and trying to get quick gains with tight stops. Being a day trader and entering a lot of trades each week means it’s a lot harder to have a high winning percentage, largely because you get stopped out so much. Example Of Stop Hunting In Action In the chart example below, we are looking at a 15minute USDJPY chart from earlier this week. A retail day-trader in today’s markets has a much tougher time trying to turn a profit than they did even about 10 years ago before all this high-frequency computer trading was so prevalent. As some of you know, I only teach and trade on time frames above the 1 hour, and even the 1 hour is not a time frame I personally trade very often. How can you not make that trade a day?

One must be very patient or well trained to limit your mind to not to trade. May I ask how Nail was able to avoid trading? How did you train your mind in order not to trade every day? Intra day trading of small time frames is now as dead as a nail hammered to a wall as far as my trading is concerned. GREAT to hear from you always Nial. I read this article I started trading H4 on my demo accounts and as I did it a day time I made about 9000 and refuse to take profit, then later on all of them runed back to heavy negatives and finally the trades were taken away automatically by the broker and I think margin level was reached each trade was about 8 in value and I intentionally do not put stop losses. Yes mate, i’m now knowing you’re completely right.

Why i didn’t follow your advises ? How many times have I seen my stop losses wiped out by only a few pips, only to return in the direction of my profit level and hitting it there after. This article explains all my mistakes in a a nut shell. I will be following you closely from here on forward. Your observations about the downside of day trading is true, I have been trading in both 1HR and 4H time frames for quite a while. I can confirm that there is better clarity in the higher time frames.

Congrats in winning the trading champion. It shows you are walking the talk. Makes sense, but surely wouldnt the countless traders using the smaller timeframes, and stop loss hunters, impact on the the higher time frames and have a knock on affect by producing random movements? I think theoritically and mechanically price action signals should work the same in all time frames, lower and upper.

But why in fact they are different and produce a tons of fail signals in lower time frames. So I think market operating and moving inline with normal human business behaviour and controlable time frame. From this article I get that higher time frame charts gives one the better perspective. Lower time frame charts gives you a perspective of driving a Land Rover in the bush while higher time frame charts gives you a perspective of an helicopter in the air so you can see the next turn earlier or at a distance.

As a newcomer to trading I believe it’s critical to my success, how I align myself . Which essentially means I need to discriminate out of the noise what Information and education I take on board. That article felt like it had integrity, clarity and just made good sense. Great Article Nial,you are always on point. Hello Nial, this is very necessary article, thank you very much! You are bang on warren buffet didnt day trade . I have suffered huge loss in Day trading.

Higher time frame is helpful in keeping control on over trading and therefore preserve capital. This article is very insightful for newbies like me who want to learn how to trade. Prior to reading this article, I was thinking along the line of day trading. I hope to read more of your articles.