Ekonomicheskiy kalendar forex market

Rate symbol consists of symbols of 2 currencies ekonomicheskiy kalendar forex market represents the price of the first one in terms of the latter. 5 shows that 1 EURO Dollar is worth 1.

United States – ABC:Consumer Comfort Index:Overall index 55. United States – Insured Unemployment:SA -2. United States – Export Price Indexes:NSA:MoM 0. United States – Import price indexes:All commodities:NSA:MoM 0. April New Housing Price Index:NSA:MoM stays at 0. May Export Price Indexes:NSA:MoM stays at 0.

May Import price indexes:All commodities:NSA:MoM rises to 0. May Import price indexes:All commodities:NSA:YoY rises to 4. Last Week Insured Unemployment:SA falls to 1697. Last Week Insured Unemployment:SA falls to -2. Last Week Initial Claims:SA falls to 218. Last Week ABC:Consumer Comfort Index:Overall index rises to 55. Ltd, HKEx Information Services Limited, China Investment Information Services Limited, Shenzhen Securities Information Co.

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