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Catch every turn forex chart

If you want to catch the big profits catch every turn forex chart forex trading you need to trend follow forex trends which are longer term. Here we are going to give you a 3 step simple method which if you use it correctly, will help you catch every major forex trend and lead you to long term currency trading success.

Most novice traders don’t bother trying to trend following forex longer term – instead they try forex scalping or day trading. These methods focus the trader on small moves and they hope to catch small profits however as most short term moves are random, this leads to equity wipe out. The other choices are swing trading and long term forex trend following and this article is all about the latter method. If you look at any forex chart, you will see long term trends that last for months or years.

These moves can and do yield big profits – here we will outline a simple method to catch them. By far the best way of catching the big moves is to use a forex trading strategy based around breakouts. A breakout is simply a move on a forex chart where a new high or low is made and resistance or support is broken. It’s a fact that most major moves start from new highs or lows. While it might appear that you are not buying or selling at the best level, you are in terms of the odds of the trend continuing. Most forex traders make the mistake of waiting for the breakout to come back and get in at a better price but these traders never get on board. The reason for this is if a breakout occurs, then you have a new strong trend and a pullback is not very likely to occur.

Most traders don’t buy or sell breakouts and that’s exactly why it’s such a powerful method. The only point to keep in mind is a support or resistance which is broken, should be valid and that means at least 3 points in at least 2 different times frames. The more tests and the wider the spacing between the tests the more valid the level is. Of course not every breakout continues and some reverse, these are false and can cause losses. You therefore need to confirm each move. All you need to do to achieve this is to put a few momentum indicators in your forex trading system to confirm your trading signal. These indicators give you an idea of the strength and velocity of price and there are many to choose from.