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This post will show you how  to make a CD lens cleaner for your CD Player, or dvd player. My in-dash car cd player has been having a really difficult time reading CD’s lately. I figured it was all the dust accumulating on the lens, as the playing is intermittent and random. I looked on ebay and in stores for a solution to clean the laser lens, but found they cost a lot of money for just an audio CD with a little bitpim bitcoin stock glued onto it.

Therefore, I decided to make my own for free. First, cut a thin strip of the material you plan on using on the CD. Just draw a thin line of super glue on the CD. Next, Glue the strip onto the CD and cut off the excess. Here is a closeup view of the material on the CD. So I left roughly that amount of material hanging off the CD.

Closeup of the cleaning material which will gently wipe the dust off the players lens element. I stuck the CD into my cars in-dash CD player and heard the disc spinning for a few seconds, then the player ejected it. I repeated this a few times and then tried an audio CD. After two days of using my cars cd player. I can honestly say that this cd lens cleaner works like a charm. Now the player reads the disc from the point where I turned off the car. Do this at your own risk.

I assume no liability for any damages done to your equipment. I didn’t have any cotton balls, or cleaning PEC pads, or any glass stuff cleaner. I searched in my surrounds in drawers and everywhere in the room. I cut one in half and then one of that half into another half. I put glue on CD and then strips.