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Forgiveness is not always so easy in practice, however, because the Twin Flame connection often entails wounds and hurts it can be very challenging to let go of. Forgiveness is something many Twins have a hard time with, and understandably so. So I’ve been asked to deal with the real reasons behind this, and to give some practical advice on why Forgiveness is necessary, and why so many find it bitcoin siteleri challenge.

I was reminded that our Western World both today and for centuries has focused on non-forgiveness, holding onto resentment and conflict. The core values our society admires and that we are taught to aspire to, are things like strength, fortitude, independence, power. And Forgiveness goes completely against this. Many if not most people, have a subconscious belief trigger that causes a lot of resistance in the face of Forgiveness.

However, the message I was asked to give, is that the situation is not like that at all. Forgiveness is actually something that frees you from negativity. Forgiveness means taking back your true power. Forgiveness enables you to let go of attachments and hurts that have been holding you back. To forgive means that you release the hurt from your space.

Here’s how it works: When you’re holding resentment or anger toward your Twin, you’re actually holding the hurt inside your own being. You’re staying attached to the situation that hurt you. Holding on to the feelings of hurt. And the more you think and feel this, the more you’re feeding into the energy of that hurt.