Bitcoin pure speculation

This causes him to think that cryptocurrency is there only to serve investors. Even though I’m not an investor but a mere former chess player, I bitcoin pure speculation bitcoin is pure speculation.

The grandmaster added that bitcoin’s popularity regardless of its high volatility is the sign of the world economy being in deep stagnation. Cryptocurrency events, Bitcoin price analysis, op-ed’s, crypto-technologies, and all the news about Bitcoin. Bitcoin: Currency of the Future Or Pure Speculation? 27 as part of his thesis on encryption technology.

He put them in his digital wallet and promptly forgot about them. Koch didn’t keep all of his bitcoins. He sold approximately one-fifth to pay for an apartment in Oslo. But let’s assume he sold all of them to one buyer.

15,600 per coin, bitcoin is currently 15. 15 times higher than where it started in 2017. It is one of the top, if not the top, performers of last year. It is easy to see why bitcoin has been garnering so much press and been taken seriously by many in the Wall Street establishment. Not surprisingly, Wall Street has been trying to create products to make trading and investing in bitcoin easier.

While there will undoubtedly be more attempts to create a bitcoin ETF, the only way to trade bitcoin outside of individual online exchanges is in the futures market. These contracts have a few critical advantages over the electronic exchanges currently used to buy and sell bitcoin, especially when it comes to transactional transparency and counterparty risk. They also have some privacy disadvantages as well. Please note that we are not going to cover other crypto-currencies like Ethereum or Litecoin because they haven’t reached the same critical mass as bitcoin and have no futures contracts available. 8 cents in just five days.