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Binary option robot setoption

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Overflow to have all the answers! Otherwise, the autocompact shall by default be set to true in each main module of an Access app. In case of a disaster, create a new mdb file and import all objects from the buggy file. I have compact on close set, but might have to review that. Had a moment where it hung while compacting yesterday, killed the process and wondered if it had corrupted my db. Sighed in relief as I realised it compacts to a temp file, but still.

I was talking of temporary tables, not temporary databases. THe very best option, for temp tables, is to avoid them. Try adding this module, pretty simple, just launches Access, opens the database, sets the “Compact on Close” option to “True”, then quits. 1GB this can be rather annoying when you go into it directly and it takes 2 minutes to quit! EDIT: added option to recurse through all folders, I run this nightly to keep databases down to a minimum. Code is provided without warranty and can be stolen and amended as required. This is the same as typing ALT, F, I, C on your keyboard.

ALT”, so keep that in the code. Yes it is simple to do. I guess the difference between my version and yours is that this answer appears to be for Access 2007 and mine for Access 2003 and lower. When the user exits the FE attempt to rename the backend MDB preferably with todays date in the name in yyyy-mm-dd format. Ensure you close all bound forms, including hidden forms, and reports before doing this. If it is successful then compact it back.

See my Backup, do you trust the users or sysadmins? If you have the database with a front end and a back end. It works on the same database in which the code resides. Make sure that after you add the function, you click the Save button in the VBA Editor window prior to running for the first time. I only tested it in Access 2010. I did this many years back on 2003 or possibly 97, yikes! If I recall you need to use one of the subcommands above tied to a timer.