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For over 30 years, the MODFLOW program has been widely binary option bullet by academics, private consultants, and government scientists to accurately, reliably, and efficiently simulate groundwater flow. With time, growing interest in surface and groundwater interactions, local refinement with nested and unstructured grids, karst groundwater flow, solute transport, and saltwater intrusion, has led to the development of numerous MODFLOW versions.

This figure shows a triangular grid in which the size of the triangular cells is reduced in areas with relatively large hydraulic gradients, such as around the shoreline of a lake, near pumping wells, and along a stream. A new object-oriented program and underlying framework called MODFLOW 6 was developed to provide a platform for supporting multiple models and multiple types of models within the same simulation. In the new design, any number of models can be included in a simulation. For complex problems involving water-table conditions, an optional Newton-Raphson formulation, based on the formulations in MODFLOW-NWT and MODFLOW-USG, can be activated. The GWF Model is divided into “packages,” as was done in previous MODFLOW versions. A package is the part of the model that deals with a single aspect of simulation.

An additional package is also available for moving water available in one package into the individual features of the advanced stress packages. The GWF Model also has packages for obtaining and controlling output from the model. A new groundwater flow formulation was developed specifically for the GWF Model in MODFLOW 6. This new flow formulation is called the XT3D option.

The XT3D option extends the capabilities of MODFLOW by enabling simulation of fully three-dimensional anisotropy on regular or irregular grids in a way that properly takes into account the full, three-dimensional hydraulic conductivity tensor. In addition to the many new or redesigned capabilities, the MODFLOW 6 input structure has also been redesigned. Within package input files, information is divided into blocks and informative keywords are used to label numeric data and activate options. 2017, Documentation for the MODFLOW 6 framework: U. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods, book 6, chap.

2017, Documentation for the MODFLOW 6 Groundwater Flow Model: U. Download Current Version of MODFLOW 6 The current version of MODFLOW 6 is versionĀ 6. A program for computing detailed subregional water budgets for GWF models and advanced stress packages. This program is based on ZONEBUDGET for MODFLOW-2000 and MODFLOW-2005. ZONEBUDGET for MODFLOW 6 is included in the MODFLOW 6 release. A program for converting MODFLOW-2005, MODFLOW-NWT, and MODFLOW-LGR model datasets to MODFLOW 6 datasets. Mf5to6 is included in the MODFLOW 6 release.