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The Olympics have been plagued by doping, corruption and political problems. But academic and former Olympian Bruce Kidd says the Olympic Games are analyse forex quotidienne an important humanitarian movement.

One way to get beyond gender barriers in sport would be to scrap sex segregation and replace it with a system similar to that of Paralympic disciplines. Paralympic sport is meant to be inclusive and fair but athletes don’t face a level playing field. Those from higher income countries can compete more easily. The success of para-athletes at the Paralympics is helping to change perceptions of those with disabilities. There are significant challenges in making old cities like Rio more accessible, and there are missed opportunities around the Paralympics, but it’s not all bad news.

Technology has had a particularly visible impact on the Paralympics. But the the most important thing is to let the athlete’s ability come to the fore. An Access World News database search says everything you need to know: Type in ‘Deflategate’ and you’ll get nearly twice as many hits as ‘Paralympics. At one point, it looked like the games could be cancelled.