3 line break chart tradestation forex

Esignal 3 line break chart tradestation forex but I’m looking for others. Will have to check it out. I heard good things about TS.

I have been running a forward test on stocks using 3LB with very good results. Since I actually don’t trade stocks I want to devise a system, which would work on FX. At this stage I’m using a combination of pivot points and some MA for my trading. He has lots of useful information but does not believe in using moving averages. However, this does not stop you from investigating their worth in a system. I am also interested in an automated system but hqave only just started trading the forex. Sorry, this post has ended up in the wrong place.

Sorry again for sending info that does not belong on this thread. I am using Metastock which enables you to use the Three Line Break charting facility. However, I would like to go further with this and have the facility of scanning a range of stocks to find those shares which have changed from a downwnard to an upward trend. Does anybody know the algorithm for calculating the Three Line Break values that I could use. Any help with this, would be much appreciated. At this stage I cannot help you out.