2016 updates for binary option regulation

2016 updates for binary option regulation

The Economic Calendar is our proprietary solution. Therein you will 2016 updates for binary option regulation over 600 financial news and indicators related to the 13 largest global economies: USA, European Union, Japan, UK, Canada, Australia, China among others.

Relevant data is collected from open sources in real time. The new version features updated contents and advanced event filters: by time, priority, currencies and countries. The calendar data can now be accessed from MQL5 programs. Added new type of MQL5 applications — Services. This new type enables the creation of custom price feeds for the terminal, i.

Unlike Expert Advisors, indicators and scripts, services are not linked to a specific chart. To create a service template, use the corresponding MQL5 Wizard option. To run multiple Expert Advisor or indicator copies with different parameters, you should launch them on different charts. In this case different program instances are created, which then operate independently. Services are not linked to charts, therefore a special mechanism has been implemented for the creation of service instances. Select a service from the Navigator and click “Add service” in its context menu.

A service instance can be launched and stopped using the appropriate instance menu. To manage all instances, use the service menu. A learning program has been added. The new feature will help beginners in learning how to interact with the platform. We have added over 100 interactive tips concerning the main platform features. Tips are seamlessly displayed as a progress bar on the toolbar and thus they do not distract the user.

Tips only appear for the actions which you have never performed in the platform. All tips include interactive links, by which you can navigate to the relevant interface elements. For example, a trading dialog or a menu with the desired program can be launched straight from the tip. The filled area of the progress bar will increase whenever you perform appropriate actions and continue training. The trading account history can be presented as positions. Thus you can access position details: open and close time, volume, price and result.

We are completing the package registration in the CRAN repository, after which it will be available for download and installation. If necessary, the terminal is launched during command execution. The date is specified in milliseconds since 01. The dates are specified in milliseconds since 01. The date is specified in seconds since 01.

The dates are specified in seconds since 01. The list of supported commands will be further expanded. Optimized Close By dialog used for closing a position by an opposite one. Now, the dialog is not slowed down even if you have a large number of open positions.